Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday night and all's well

Kudos to all the brave souls that headed out into the cold this weekend for a ride. It was so sunny it was hard to believe that it was that cold. But it looked like a great day for a ride.

Boy did we go through the soup!

Well I asked for some excitment and I did get it. I had a grandson born a week early this weekend. Baby Jack Capstick came in at 7 lbs 12 oz on Saturday so a quick trip to Oshawa was in order Sunday.

Another nice day today for riding. Bill B rode up to Whitney on freshly groomed trails and only met two sleds on the way back. It was pretty quiet.

Madawaska was also done today, but no info on any other. The snow keeps coming in little amounts keeping the trails and road crossings freshly covered.

It is warming up a little so there will probably be more snow soon. It's nice to see the days getting a little longer.

I'll be back with more news on Wednesday unless something really exciting happens.


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