Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hell may have frozen over!!!





If no one comes out to play today or tomorrow I will understand.

It's stinking cold. My water was frozen because the heaters under the house both died at the same time. I was told to stop and pick up a new one. "The biggest one they had" were my instructions. So I did. Unfortunately the one I bought had a plug for 220 volt. Screwed again. So don't send me to the store for boy stuff any more. Go yourself and it will be right the first time.

Here's hoping that it warms up for the weekend. The sun is shining and other than the cold it's a great day here. The groomer went over Martins Mill way yesterday and there was hardly a track on it by noon today.

The lakes will safe for sure now.

Hope you can get out for a ride this weekend.


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