Friday, January 03, 2014

Happy New Year to all and happy sledding also.

The really cold weather should end today and more snow should start on Saturday.  We haven't had any new snow to speak of since Boxing Day.  It was just lucky that we had lots before then.

The trails remain in good shape because it's to bloody cold for it to snow. 

I have not had any specific grooming reports just that they are in good shape. 

The lakes although not marked are being crossed.  It seems no one has gone through yet so all is good.

It's too early for bone head plays or maybe they are just not getting this far and I have no touching stories.  I am making my way out of electronic hell but the door isn't shut, so no celebrating yet.

I will be back later if I hear of anything exciting to report but other than log trucks running up and down the highway it has been a little quiet the last couple of days.

Just a reminder that the general store is open until 9 every day with lots of fuel available.  The Arlington Hotel in Maynooth has cheap accommodation available and lots of parking for trucks and sleds.  Also White Pine cottages on Lake St. Peter is under new ownership and is open this winter.

The MLSS are having a wing day at the diner. Saturday, January18. An order of 10 wings and cheesy garlic bites will cost $15.00 with $5.00 from each sale being donated to the club. Come on out and support the club that looks after you so well all winter.  They are trying to raise enough money to put hydro in the new maintenance facility. 

Well that's it for now.  Oh by the way HI DAVE.  I just did that to annoy your brother who says you get a swelled head anytime your name is mentioned.


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