Thursday, January 23, 2014

I thought that sledders were the hale and hearty type, but you guys have disappointed me this week.

I know that it is minus something really stupid but where are you people.  It is eerily quiet around here.

The trails are in excellent shape and they continue to groom even though they haven't been used much.  There is not a lot of fresh snow on the trails so they are a little hard almost like when it is really icy. But it isn't ice just snow frozen stiff.  A little skiff of snow will fix that or maybe a temperature not in double digits with a minus in front of it. No complaints from the few that have been in this week though. 

Rumor has it that it is going to warm up for the weekend and that should make things even better.

No touching stories or bone head plays to report this week.  I wish someone would do something stupid so there would be something interesting to report.  Oh I miss the days when Brian and Jim sledded together.  They always had great adventures and did really stupid things. Alas I have lost my source of amusement.

Oh well back to work or maybe I'll just take some time and do the crossword first.

Back later if anything exciting happens.

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