Saturday, January 25, 2014

At last.  It was -8 at 7 o'clock and -7 at 8 o'clock.  So things are defiantly warming up.  It is also snowing.  Do you know how I know it is snowing.  Well that is because the phone rang at 4 am this morning for the big guy so he could go to work.  He plows the highways through the Whitney area.  I guess it is snowing in Whitney also. 

Being roused at that time it is hard to go back to sleep.  I  rolled around like a rotisserie chicken for 3 more hours and finally got up to go to work.  Damn I hate when that happens.

It is mid morning now and the snow has not stopped so that will be good for the trails that were frozen so solid.

Well if you can't get out for a ride today I sure hope you can get out tomorrow. It should be awesome.

Back Monday or Tuesday.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there...too bad you open late...we will be going by on our wy home...know any place for breakie?