Tuesday, January 21, 2014

While living in my electronic hell my yesterdays post did not get published.  Crap.  It was full of whimsy and good info, none of which I can remember now.  Oh well they say there is nothing older than yesterday's news.  So I will start over again.

I didn't know where the groomers went yesterday and I still don't.  However the little red one was spotted in Madawaska, the two blue ones returned last night at about 5:00 so I'm guessing  red one that I didn't see went north.  Now if that isn't an info packed trail report I don't know what is. 

Last weekend was a great sledding weekend.  Perfect temperatures and perfect conditions you couldn't ask for anything more than that.

The Snow Skimmers fundraiser went really well.  So well in fact that we ran out of wings by 3:00.  The winner of the 50/50 draw was Steve somebody (or his wife).  They had two really cute young sons with them and by the look of what those kids ate they needed the money to keep them in groceries for the rest of the weekend!!!  The split was $338.00.  It was awesome to see so many club members and non members out to support the club. 

I think that we have the best customers in the world.  I apologize for the slow service on Saturday.  You are all so patient when it hits the fan around here.  We do try our best to keep up but sometimes it just gets nuts.  It's a good thing that we are all so damn charming and often entertaining!!!

There was about four inches of new snow on Sunday night, none last night.  The temperature isn't as cold as it was supposed to be.  Still cold enough that we cancelled our walk this morning.  I draw the line at -20. 

Well that's it for today.  I had to open up this morning so I have kitchen stuff to do before the cook gets in and gives me grief for not pulling my weight.  And let me tell you that is some weight to pull.

Back soon.

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