Monday, February 03, 2014

For those of you who think I may have fallen off the face of the earth, I have not.  I had a cold and was all hopped up on over the counter cold remedies.  I'm fairly certain I went to work all week but I can't be sure.  I was advised not to operate anything mechanical.  This included my computer because you would have needed a translator for sure.

So I'm back (sort of).  Barry the groomer driver was in this morning he left for Bancroft at 2 am and made it back to LSP by 9:00 am.  He had a quick sandwich and then left for Whitney which takes 6 hours.  That is dedication for a volunteer.  Way to go Barry. The other driver that was to take over had a family emergency and was unable to go.

He said that all the trails are great.  There have been no complaints from any riders in so far and  with all the snow I'm sure there won't be any soon.  It snowed about 6 inches on Saturday night and is snowing again now.

I'm cutting this short this morning. I have an appointment in town but just wanted to get you up to speed.

Looking forward to a great week of sledding for sure.

Back later in the week.


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