Monday, January 02, 2012

Here we go again!!! 2012 bring it on. I am hoping for great things to come this year, winning the lottery could be one of them. I'm just saying.

The toboggan party went well. No serious injuries. Any injuries were preexisting conditions so we dodged the liability issue. The only sled that went over the edge had two little kiddies on it. They are much more resilient than the older folks. Thankfully the raspberry bushes stopped them and they were only a short grab away. Sadly the canoe did not slide well. There will be modifications done for the next time. Val, Vicky and Jen had the most unique sled. They tied three deer hides from this years hunt together. That was another one that worked better when you were inventing it with a couple of beers. It did make it down the hill, just not as well as they had hoped (modifictions here also). Needless to say I was dozing on and off on the couch by 8:00. Our plans for the evening were just another good idea that didn't take place but I did wake up at 11:30 and managed to stay up until midnight.

No on to the important stuff. We did get some rain on Sunday, not nearly as much as last year. Good thing because we don't have enough snow for that. It is snowing now and looks like it will keep up for some time. There is supposed to be more most of the week.

The club is still clearing trees from the last storm so if you are riding on any secondary trails be prepared for some obstacles. A small saw would be handy. The groomer hasn't gone out yet. I will repost as soon as I hear when it is out.

Riders in this weekend were quite pleased with conditions so next weekend should be even better.

Hope to see you soon.

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