Monday, January 30, 2012

It sure wasn't as busy this weekend and it was last weekend. Did the bad weather scare everyone away. We did get a blast of snow this weekend. A loaf for sure (see Jan 17 for measuring info).

I had to have the lot plowed both Saturday and Sunday. It should have been done this morning also but I just wore my boots to work instead.

I had to go to town first thing this morning and it was so cold that the inside of my windows didn't defrost. It reminded me of my college days driving my little green VW in the winter and scraping the windows at the same time. Now how many of you are smiling and nodding because you did the same thing? Well it did eventually warm up today but not much.

The groomers left town in every direction this morning. Riders in today (and there were quite a few) said that most trails were in good shape and of course the freshly groomed ones were great.

The weather for the next day is not going to be very good. It's snowing again now and we have enough snow that a little rain won't hurt it but it may not be good riding Tuesday. If I get time I will give quick update about the weather. If not I will be back Wednesday some time.

Here's a shout out to the guys from Pennsylvania nice to see you again. The couple that you met at the Granite on the weekend were in today. They think you are great. Well, we already knew that.

Not much else new today. No bone head plays or touching stories today.

Back soon.

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