Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I've been duped again. I am so gullible. Almost everyone that came in on Monday talked about the big storm that was to come yesterday and last night.

I was also told last week that 1 cm is equal to one slice of bread. So I was expecting to wake up this morning to about a half loaf of snowfall. Ha!! Big surprise, no snow overnight. Why do I always believe these people.

Having said that the day is going downhill quickly this morning. We have some freezing rain and some snow. It's generally yucky outside. The buses were all cancelled today I guess because of the bad weather expected this afternoon. More snow is expected tonight (ha) and again on Thursday and Friday. One can only hope.

Last weekend was busy. Lots of sledders everywhere. Nice to see some of the old faces for the first time. Most trails were quite good. The grooming continues daily. All three were out yesterday for most of the day. The few riders that were in yesterday were quite pleased with the trails.

And the carniage begins. By noon Saturday we had our first dead sled. Well not quite dead but badly injured. Poor Mitch. Even with the parts he left behind he was able to drive back to the truck. The next two were not so lucky. Both had to wait at the diner until their buddies could bring the trailer to pick them up. Oh well the beer sales rise when that happens.

Not much else new. I will be back on Thursday to let you know how much snowfall there was during the week.

Keep working so that you can afford to snowmobile.


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