Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Here goes. I have good news and fair news, which is better than good news, bad news.

The good news is there is no rain, the temp is staying cool (or downright freezing yesterday). The fair news is we keep getting a little snow with more to come for the next few days.

We haven't had a big dump yet. I haven't had to plow the driveway yet this year because it has just been flurries.

The groomer was out yesterday and went to Martin's Mill. I don't know if it is going out today. I will probably hear later. We had a rider in from Coe Hill yesterday he wasn't thrilled but it was good enough to come this far. We also had riders in from the Whitney area. They said that things were okay but had spent most of the week just clearing the route from their house to the trail. But they were young and the experience was good for them. It will build character.

On a sad note the big orange cat, Bulwinkle that always climbed on every sled, ATV, boat, trailer, or anything else that was in the lot was attacked by we think a fox. So we won't have him to amuse us by looking in the windows or getting in cars etc. and just being kooky. His brother Rocky (no imagination there) was hit by a car on Thanksgiving weekend. So we are now without any cats. I plan to keep it that way so don't do me any favours!!!!! He was fun to watch though and the dog misses not having anyone to wrestle with. We lost four pets last year. Two to old age and the last two to misadventure. So now buddy the Labrador Retriever is wearing a helmet and flack jacket and keeps looking over his shoulder hoping that he won't be next.

I am always telling stories about Brian and Jim. Well Brian has a girlfriend FINALLY. She is a real sweetheart and is getting a great education about the north. We still have to teach her how to pee behind a tree though!!! Well she had never driven a sled before so Brian took her out for a little test ride. (That just sounds bad) They rode from his place to the diner, less that a kilometer. Had a beer and left for the cottage. Who do they meet on the way home. You guessed it the OPP. Everything was okay but what a way to start you sledding experience. Now tell me with barely enough snow to cover the ground wouldn't you think there time would be better spent somewhere else? I suppose he was just looking for an easy way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

That's all she wrote for now. Nice to see all the regular readers back. I am averaging 99 hits per day so that will keep me feeling guilty enough to post regularly.

I will be back Friday for a weekend update because I don't think too much will change overnight.

See you soon and THINK SNOW!!!!

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