Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sorry I didn't update Monday but I was really busy. Oh wait no, I wasn't busy just lazy. I got hit with a serious case of drag-ass yesterday and couldn't make it over to the bar to climb up to the computer. It took till today to recover.

Not much in the way of snow this weekend or Monday. Just little skiffs. More is expected later in the week but so far the weather people's idea of snow is not the same as mine!!

The groomers have been busy though. All three were out yesterday. Two went Bancroft way yesterday and the other went that famous route "somewhere else". They even had the new groomer out yesterday. I hear it is a thing of beauty if you are into groomers. What kind is it you say. Well it's a red one!!!

I won't know details until riders come in today and fill me in assuming that there will be riders in today.

There were quite a few riders out on the weekend so it is just as well that grooming was held off until Monday when it would stay good longer. It was pretty mild on Sunday but has gotten colder now so we won't be losing any snow.

Please note the caution tape around the back of the yard. Some sleds rode through the backyard this weekend over the weeping bed from the septic. This is not good because if it freezes none of us will be flushing!!!! I don't know about you but that is pretty important to all of us that work here. Eeks!!!

That's it for now. Nothing exciting to report. I will be back later in the week.


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