Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Technical difficulties with the internet and no patience from the operator yesterday so here is the Monday/Tuesday update.

What a wild weekend. Sledders are the best. We were so busy it was just crazy, yet everyone seemed so patient. If anyone was cranky and crusty I didn't notice and I would like to keep it that way. Ignorance is bliss. I feel badly for the people that left because there was no room to sit. I hope you come back another day. Thank you for the people that doubled up with others that they don't know so they could sit.

Keeping in mind that all the girls at the diner are getting little long in the tooth you sometimes have to remind us a time or two for the spoon to stir the coffee, or the cup for the tea even the glass for the beer (the lady with the beer and tomato juice will know who you are). We do try and it is fun.

Thanks to Frank's wife for cleaning off tables so that you had somewhere to sit. Thanks to Blair and buddy for carrying in 10 cases of beer for me. And thanks also to John? from Papineau Lake for backing into me spilling the shot of Baileys on my sweater. Just kidding, it's just another chapter in the book and was a great conversation starter all day.

Now on to the serious stuff. We had rain all day on Monday but it has been snowing for quite a while now. It is really slushy. That is a good thing because if it had gotten cold and the water had frozen it would be really slippery now. So if it gets cold tonight and freezes the snow will already be stuck to the water and it won't be so slippery. Good for walking and good for the trails. It should freeze up tonight.

I would think that there would be no grooming today because of the slush but I can't say for sure. I heard that they were going to head out to the Madawaska trail yesterday. I will make some inquiries and update when I find out more.

Weather for the rest of the week is not great but long range around here is 15 minutes into the future so who knows.

That's all I have for now.

Hope you have a great week.

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