Sunday, March 27, 2011

It was a pretty quiet week around the old diner last week. Not much shaking around town.

We still have way too much snow for my liking. On Saturday our first customers came from Harcourt by ATV and the next group through the door came by snowmobiles. It's that time of year again.

There have been many beautiful sunny days but it is darn cold. If it doesn't warm up this snow will be here until May or June!!!! I think that I am even looking forward to the black flies (easy to say now) and not just to get the wine on the deck black fly report started. But at least that means summer is not too far away.

I will not be doing an ATV run this spring but the one at High Country will be the third Saturday in April.

Not much else to gab about today so I will be back later next week. Brian M is finally back from working away for a couple of months. Maybe he and Jim will do something entertaining that will give me a chuckle. They have started a DYI project at Jim's cottage, that should be interesting.

Have a great week.

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