Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Seriously-Will winter ever end!!!!

Just when it looks like it might be a nice day it snows again. At least when in rains it might wash the snow away. But noooooooo. It has to snow after it rains just because it can.

There is still lot of snow in the bush so if you haven't had the driveway plowed at the cottage you won't be driving in this weekend. More and more grass is starting to show and I even have some daffodils trying to poke out of the ground. At this rate they will be blooming in July. A number of people have seen robins but most of them have ear muffs and rubber boots on.

This time last year the ice had been off the lake for a week but it hasn't even melted near the shoreline yet. That means chilly swimming in June!

It is so quiet right now I think that there must be a gate up in Bancroft not letting anyone past.

South Shore Cottages the rental cottages on the South Rd on Lake St. Peter just sold this month. They hope to be up and running by May. This is a good thing. They have 5 or 6 rental cottages and may be putting in trailer sites later this year. When I get a number I will post it. It would be a great place to stay if you are ATVing.

The inmates will be running the asylum next week. I am taking a week off. So no new posts until at least a week Tuesday. Let me say that the snow had all better be gone when I get back or I will be very cranky!!!

Have a great week. Enjoy these nice long days especially the sunny ones. It is great to get home and still have some daylight left.

Back soon.

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