Sunday, March 06, 2011

Wow! What a weekend we are having weather wise. Probably the biggest snowfall so far this winter. And the rains down south scared everyone away.

We have had about 12 inches of snow this weekend with a couple of hours of rain in between.

Below are some pics from today to show how much snow we have had. It looks like I am really smart and know how to do all this neat computer stuff. Actually my daughter came for breakfast and did it for me. Thanks Lisa.

We had our two youngest sledders in this weekend. Connor and Noah were on their first boys weekend with their dads. The toddlers captured the hearts of everyone in the diner, guests and staff alike. A good time was had by all and it looks good on Hoppy who wimped out on a great sledding weekend because he thought it was going to rain. Next time put your big boy panties on, load up your sled and join the group. Don't be shown up by two toddlers!!!!!

Shelia, thanks for the great comments. Sorry I missed you last week. You had just left when I got back from town. I hope you get one more ride this winter and get to stop in.

I used the trusty yard stick to measure the snow on the picnic table this morning. It was a big reach when you are built close to the ground. It is showing 12 inches deep but the snow is really heavy so more may have fallen. The banks are getting high like they should be and the road crossings are looking much better.

Let's hope this says around for a while. Here's hoping you can get up for some mid week riding while the trails a quiet and in great shape.

That's it for today, back in a day or two.

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