Monday, March 14, 2011

All and all it was a pretty good sledding weekend. We had a fair amount of riders in both Saturday and Sunday. Not as many families as I expected being the start of March Break.

So where are we now? The temperature dropped overnight, the groomers were out, the rail bed looks like a table top. It is cold and very sunny today but tomorrow may not be as nice.

There is still a ton of snow in the bush and I know this first had because we walked into the hunt camp again yesterday. We usually go on Sunday afternoons to let the dogs have a run. I'm just saying that it is easier for a 20 lb beagle to run on top of the snow than it is for a hefty old bag to slog through it. I think it is about a1 km hike in and 10 kms out. I ask myself about half way in why we keep doing this. I also don't know why they keep laughing at me when I fall down and look like a turtle on it's back when I try to get up. My daughter starts throwing snow on top of me like you would a whale beached on the shore. She says she doesn't want to see me dry out before I'm rescued!!!

If we get rain any day this week I will update. It looks like the week may be warming up.

That's it for now. I'm on by myself all day because the cook has been on vacation.


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