Friday, March 11, 2011

The good news is the tsunami did not hit Lake St. Peter, the bad news is the rain did!!!

We have had two days of off and on drizzle. Not a big downpour just steady drizzle. The parking lot is like a skating rink. We still have a crap load of snow so when the rain stops the sledding can continue.

There is to be some snow or rain tomorrow, the powers that be have not decided which way to go. The temperature is dropping already today.

I can't update tonight because of commitments but I will be back tomorrow morning with what happened overnight. The old measuring stick is still standing upright in the snow on the picnic table. I would check the depth of the snow if I didn't think that I would break my beak getting there. I am having the parking lot sanded this morning.

To answer anonymous I can't say how much rain fell other than too much. I will check with Charlie Foster the resident weather watcher for the exact amount.

To Bill from Eagle Lake. Way back before my time the village was called Porterville. Named after the MP or MPP (I can't remember which) at the time. The lake and the train station were always called Lake Saint Peter, so in 1941 it was decided to rename the village to be the same as the lake and station. So just for historical sake I decided to name the diner The Porterville Diner. I does make a good topic for conversation.

Hope things clear up. Back tomorrow

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