Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We have had lots of riders enjoying the spring like conditions. It's nice to go home at night and it is still light out. The trails are in good shape. Groomers were out on Monday night. Riders in this morning say that there are no dirt patches and only the odd rough spots in the usual places.

It was supposed to rain today but so far we have had only snow. It looks like it may snow for awhile. It has been coming down pretty steady for a couple of hours now.

Not too many families around for the March Break. I hope you are all sunning your buns down south, not just hanging out on the couch. The dollar at nearly par makes traveling look pretty inviting.

Other than that nothing new or exciting this week. I will be back if the snow turns to rain and I'll be pissed if no one comes sledding because the weather man called for rain and it snowed again. What a wonderful job. You can go to work every day, screw up constantly, still get paid at the end of the week and the public still loves you!!!! I think when I grow up I want to be a weatherman.

Back soon

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Anonymous said...

all snow or did u get rain today?