Monday, February 13, 2012

Wow we are half way through February already. This year is starting off at break neck speed.

We had another great sledding weekend and it's starting out to be a great week. Sunny and cool today it was a fab day for sledding.

All the groomers were out this morning and I just saw one go down the rail bed again now. So they should have every trail done by tonight.

Not too many in today but everyone was in good humor because all the trails were just done.

We had a bit of snow over the weekend but not much. Later in the week is iffy but we will wait because I'm sure things will change by Wednesday.

I can't believe how good everyone is behaving this year, except for Bill who was going to be really late for a dinner date on Saturday night when he hadn't left here by 4:00 and had to get to Minden. I hope your wife took it well. There have not been any bone head plays or exciting stories to retell yet this year. My goodness can some one get out there and do something foolish that will give us all a chuckle. I miss Jim and Brian.

Nothing else new to report. I will be back most likely Wednesday to pass on how the weather has been.

Have a great week.


Anonymous said...

Was there on Friday with my crew of four, counted 25 sleds in the lot at 230. Excellent meal and service as always! Be back in two weeks.

Anonymous said...

how can you miss me if im still there ??