Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Well there is good news and there is bad news. No wait, no bad news only good. Yea!!!

The groomers were out on Monday night and Tuesday morning. All of the trails are groomed up nicely. There wasn't too much traffic yesterday so I am guessing that they would have held up. We had about two inches of snow last night and more is expected for today. That will help a lot.

The MLSS had another successful poker run on the weekend and there were lots of riders around all weekend.

I am probably the only one that can see the upside to breakdowns. When someone limps in or gets towed in they have to wait quite a while for their friends to ride back to the truck and come back for them. This means better sales for me because they always have a bite to eat and a beer or two while they are waiting. So I guess every cloud does have a silver lining. Sometimes they are quite entertaining while they are here. So if you are going to break down let it happen near the diner. We will look after you.

Shamus from the Lake St. Peter General Store and Gas Station just up the road from us has a large parking lot. He told me yesterday that anyone needing a place to park your truck and trailer for the day or a few days you are welcome to park there at no charge. This also eliminates the ride up the rail bed from Bancroft and gets you into the bush trails sooner.

So from where I am everything is looking good. There hasn't been anyone in yet to ask about conditions. I will check and post sometime tomorrow.

Hope your week is going well. See you soon.


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