Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Flag Day!!! Who knew? The things you learn watching Breakfast Television.

I little snow fell overnight and is still falling now. Not enough to have the lot plowed but enough to cover the dog poop in the back yard. (Not looking forward to spring.) It looks like it might snow for most of the day. We'll see.

The guys from the trailer park rode over to Pembroke for lunch yesterday and said that it was a great ride for almost all of the way. A small section of road riding about half way was thin but other than that it's all good.

All riders in yesterday were commenting on how well groomed the trails were. We even had a couple in from Muskoka that were over here because they didn't have enough snow where they live. They had just bought a new sled and were anxious to ride.

I was told that the trail through the park was "a little chunky" on Monday but I haven't heard if it has been groomed since. I will inquire today and find out.

The trails will be kept in tip top shape this week not only because of the long weekend but because this is the Maple Leaf Snow Skimmers annual poker run. This is their only fund raiser for the year so if you get a chance please come out and support them. The volunteers do a wonderful job and work tirelessly all year long. Even if you don't ride stop by and buy a hand to help out.

I will be back later in the week with a snow update before the weekend. Gotta go sleds are coming in already.

Hope we see you soon.

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