Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I finally drummed up enough energy to haul my carcass out of the house a go for a walk the last two days. They rail bed across from the diner has been so well groomed that there isn't a highway in Ontario that is in better shape. It was so well set this morning that I didn't even leave footprints on the frozen snow while walking. No wonder you speed on the straight stretches. How could you not!!!

All of the groomers were out again last night. They went to Whitney, Baptiste Lake and Martin's Mill. They had gone to Bancroft earlier on Monday and there were not many sledders out yesterday. Just a few couples, a few singles and one group of four. It would have been a great day. Most riders had not seen a soul all day.

The cold weather is continuing and we had snow Sunday night and Monday. More is expected tomorrow. It may have been +10 in Toronto yesterday but it certainly wasn't plus anything up here and isn't today either.

Yes Wayne did buy a permit last weekend. There is a shortage of 3 day permits. Not everyone is getting them. The clubs have a hard time getting enough from the OFSC which is frustrating especially if you do only get out once or twice a year. It would be nice if everyone that sells permits could keep 3 days in stock then we wouldn't have this very situation all the time.

That's it for today. I will be back on Thursday with an update on weather. No need for trail reports they just keep grooming almost every day. You must admit the club is doing a fantastic job this year.

Hope the rest of your week is good and we see you on the weekend.

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