Tuesday, February 07, 2012

We had another great sledding weekend. All trails were groomed as best as they could be. The groomers have been out every day. I even won $15.00 on the super bowl. Sorry Frank you didn't win any squares on the football pool.

Our partly sunny day has turned into flurries now so a little extra snow will be good. It looks like it may last a while. The mild temps yesterday were not enough to cause any loss of snow.

Lake St. Peter was staked on the weekend I haven't heard about Baptiste yet.

There have been lots of riders in doing overnight runs the last few days.

If there is any doubt about how much snow is in the bush I am here to tell you that there is lots!!! We often take a walk into the hunt camp on Sundays to give the dogs a run. So we headed in last Sunday. The big guy thought he would take the snow shoes for a change. I opted to just slog through the snow. It's a 12 km hike into the camp, oh no wait it's a 1/2 km hike it just feels like 12 when you are built close to the ground and the snow is half way up to your ying yang. All was going well until the big guy decided to take a "short cut" and then had a snow shoe malfunction. I thought of leaving him there until spring but thought that would be mean so I make my way over to help. There was much flopping and grunting and way too much giggling but we eventually got him upright then he had to help me get up. Thank goodness the kids and granddaughter were well behind us. That would have led to pointing and laughing and photos posted on facebook by now. That was our first hike in for this winter so needless to say I had some aching body parts on Monday and my daughter used the snowshoes on the way out. Oh well another chapter in the book.

Here is a shout out too the group from Ayr that was in last week. Nice to meet new people you were a great bunch. I hope we see you again.

And a shout out to John from Syracuse. Nice to meet you also. Your wife must be the luckiest girl in the world to have a guy like you. (No bribing was used in this shout out.)

I will post later about how much snow we get today and any other words of wisdom that I may have.

Until then all I can say is the grooming is consistent and the riding is good.

Hope to see you soon.

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