Thursday, February 02, 2012

Holy Moly did everyone have today off work. We have never been this busy on a weekday before. It was crazy but good. Poor Pat in the kitchen, her cheeks were just glowing!!!

We haven't had any new snow but we haven't lost any either. No rain and the temperature is staying below zero.

Two of the groomers are out today but two were broken down the last couple of days. I hope they are back up by the weekend.

Some of the guys were out all day today brushing the trail to Madawaska to clear away the trees. They didn't finish until really late so I didn't find out if they finished or not.

Now I have a moral dilema. Charlie Foster just had a great-granddaughter born this week and he wants to go to Ottawa to visit for the weekend. Now Charlie plows about 65 driveways when it snows. He was pretty pooped last weekend when he had to do them all twice because it snowed so much. So here is the problem. He feels that I am responsible for the amount of snowfall because I am always doing the snow dance and he has asked me to hold off for the weekend so that he doesn't have to come back early. He even bought me a large bottle of wine so that if I feel the need to bring on the snow I should just open the wine and drink half. If the feeling hasn't passed I am to finish the other half. Now what's a girl to do. I would really like to see more snow but I would also like to see Charlie have a nice weekend. Oh hell I'll just drink the wine and hope for snow on Sunday night or Monday morning.

The trails still look good at the road crossings.

I will post tomorrow if I find out anything new.

That's it for now. I opened today at 6:30 so I am going home to crash on the couch.

Hope to see you all on the weekend.


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