Sunday, February 26, 2012

Just another day in snowmobiling paradise. Quite cold and sunny, sunny, sunny. Unfortunately because of the big storm on Friday the groomers were not able to go out on Friday night.

Thankfully they were all out last night so all of the trails are groomed up nicely today. When Shelia came into work today there wasn't a mark on the rail bed. It was just like a table top. Oooo wouldn't you like to be the first one up this morning.

The OPP were out in force yesterday. I guess there is no where else to be. Not too many bad stories except for Wayne from Blackstock. I guess this was an expensive weekend for you and I bet you will buy a permit next year!!! However they may have gone a little over the top with you.

Not much else to report except that if you have Monday and Tuesday off you know where you should be.

More snow expected almost every day next week so the weekend should be another good one.

Hope you get out for another ride.

I'll be back Monday or Tuesday.



Anonymous said...

Thanks Nancy. I am going back to being regular me, being a celebrity sucks!


Anonymous said...

In Wayne's defense, he did try to buy a permit the day before, but they were sold out. Either way those cops should have something better to do with our tax dollars then running radar and harrasing sledders.

Anonymous said...

no sympathy for freeloaders... there are plenty of places near Bancroft you can buy a permit, even on a Saturday. I hope they made you purchase 1?

Anonymous said...

I met that Wayne fella this weekend. He signed my hat and shirt for me..He was even really easy to approach. My kind of celebrity.

Thank agian Wayne