Thursday, February 03, 2011

What a great day today was. Lots of sun, perfect temperature, lots of snow. It doesn't get any better than today.

The groomer went by but I don't know where to. We are expecting a little snow every day for the next four days. Just like it's been for the last few weeks but with a better base now that we had the big snow fall. Not nearly as much as everybody else got apparently. Please people stop telling me how much more snow you have at home than here!!! I am already cranky this year and it's too early for me to snap.

For anonymous as I said, Dianne and Shamus are back at the store and doing a great job. They have not run out of gas this year and filled up 900 sleds last weekend. Pete thanks for the help.

I was told today that this is "blitz weekend". Lots of OPP and trail patrols out checking for drinking and watching for Pete speeding. So be cautious and drive safely. The only good thing about lots of snow south is even the OPP can't be bothered coming up here if they don't have to leave home. They have not been around this year at all.

The Madawaska Cup races are this weekend in Birds Creek. Free Friday night, $20.00 for Saturday, $25.00 for weekend pass. Not my cup of tea to pay to stand out in the cold and watch sleds drive fast and turn left all day. Maybe I'm missing something because I've never been. Too bad I have to work on Saturday I'll never know.

I hope we have a great weekend feeding lots of sledders with happy smiling faces. I'm sure Sunday will be a short day because of the Super Bowl. GO GREEN BAY!!!!!

See you this weekend

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