Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm glad that I didn't update on Monday. I really didn't speak to anyone about conditions yesterday. Have I been misinformed? Wasn't yesterday Family Day? Holy Cow it sure was quiet around the old diner yesterday. Maybe the gate was up again keeping all tourists out. We had a couple of sledders in but mostly just the local coffee boys.

Today there were two groups in. One had ridden from Gooderham the other from Benor Lake. Both said the conditions although fair were not bad at all. They were quite pleased with the trails. Some spots on the rail bed were not great but for the most part no complaints. The one group said that they had been out riding for the last three days with no troubles.

The poker run last weekend was not too bad. 165 registered down from 300 last year. Sadly I only made a donation my King high didn't go far in the standings. I think I'll stick to euchre!!

Some snow is expected Thursday, Friday and Saturday so things may get better by the weekend. It has been keeping really cold all day even when sunny so nothing is melting.

I'll be back late Thursday to let you know if there is any amount of snow. Here's hoping.


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