Thursday, February 17, 2011

So far it's still good news. No rain or showers yet. However my sinus barometer is telling me that something will be falling from the sky soon.

The groomer was out until 3:00 am this morning. It had a big job cleaning up the road crossings. The snowmobile hating township guy that plows the roads up here was up to his old tricks. Known as "Old Puutt Ding" by Jim and Brian. (you know spitting chewing tobacco) This guys house backs right onto the rail bed and he just hates to see anyone having fun there, sleds and ATV's or anything else. He does his best to pile the snow at every road crossing he passes. Once it freezes up it is hard to smooth out. But good for all you guys they succeeded last night.

Three guys were in late last night. They had ridden from Petewawa cutting short a three or four day trip because of the threat of bad weather. One said that it was the best riding in 25 years. Not one kilometer of trail had not been groomed the whole way back.

I won't be back tonight. You know snooker night and all. If nothing changes I may not post tomorrow. If it does rain I will update. It looks now like Saturday will be a great day, sunny and cold and snow Sunday. This will be good for the long weekend.

Back soon

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