Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sorry about the late update. Mondays can be hectic with sales reps, weekend cleanup- blah,blah,blah.

So here were are again freezing our butts off. It snowed Sunday night and Monday. Not lots just a good covering. Enough that the plows were out most of last night.

Riders in yesterday were very pleased with conditions. Good temperature and great conditions.

They have been out grooming every night and nothing has broken down that I know of. The trails will be in great shape for this weekend because of the Maple Leaf Snow Skimmers Poker Run. This is their only annual fund raiser. So if you can come out and support the club please do. Even if you don't ride it is only $10.00 to sign up for a hand and have a chance for lots of prizes.

The weather for the weekend has not actually mentioned the "R" word, just chance of showers. So I choose to ignore the forecast and continue to live in blissful ignorance!!!! It has worked for a number of years so why stop now?

Well I'm off to make some soup for the day. I'd better get it done so that it is ready for lunch.

Hope we see you on the weekend.

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