Friday, February 18, 2011

All I can say about conditions is that it is a definite maybe!!!!!

We did get showers off and on Thursday. It looks like they are over now. Very dull and cloudy and getting windy and temp dropping.

The trails are still well snow covered but icy on top. Lakes are slushy but still being traveled (Maybe not today for a while).

Where the parts of the property here have been snow blown for walking paths it is down to bare earth. The parking lot and other plowed parts are still well covered. We are expecting some snow today. Not much just a few cms. but enough to cover the icy patches.

So the news is not great for Saturday but all is not lost for the long term.

The poker run is still a go, and it's a long weekend after all so I guess we will just have to make the best of it.

If anything really exciting happens in the next few hours I'll let you know. If not I hope we see you on the weekend.

The bad thing about a little melt down is the doggy land mines in the backyard show up. So I am off to pooper scoop with my old buddy Norm.

Do the snow dance---I am!!!!!


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