Friday, February 25, 2011

Nobody said life was fair but seriously is it fair that all the snow hits down south and none falls up here where we welcome it?

Nothing fell again last night and there are more empty promises of snow tonight. Who knows?

We have had lots of riders in this week. A few groups rode in from Wilberforce and Gooderham. Everyone in this week said that the bush riding is good but the rail line is sketchy in places. The lakes are well frozen but icy because of the lack of snow after the melt down.

I don't want to discourage anyone from coming up but I really don't want to say that things are great when they are not. We are having spring like conditions a little early. The road crossings are getting wider and the side roads are well sanded.

On a lighter note while I was out at snooker last night poor Pat Bekkers had a group of 25 drop in on her while she was here by herself. Yikes!!! They were military that had ridden from Petewawa to Dorset and were on their way back home. They had been delayed for a number of reasons one being fuel. Thankfully for Pat they didn't all eat and two guys took every one's orders and delivered all the meals. They all cleaned up their tables taking their dishes into the kitchen and they even offered to wash up. A nice group. However we did get a look at how money gets wasted. The faithful leader was having a fuel truck sent over from Petewawa to fill up the sleds before calling up to the general store to see if he would open up. Ahh well another chapter in the book. Sometimes it does get interesting around here.

Well now that I have given another definite maybe I'll finish here. I will update tomorrow if we do get snow.

Hope we see you on the weekend.


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