Wednesday, February 09, 2011

I looks like the snowmobiling season has finally hit Lake St. Peter.

The weatherman can come a shovel today's six inches of chance of flurries off my back deck anytime now.

I can't believe that it is Wednesday all ready. The week is going so fast. We have had a lot of sledders in every day for lunch. Two tables today said that today was the best ride in a long time. Most are doing the three or four day trips that are so great this time of year. We have even had some Americans this week which is nice to see. Although I haven't see the fun bunch from Pennsylvania that have a camp in Coe Hill yet. Where are you guys? They are usually here two or three times a year. With all the snow south of the border they are probably snowed in!!!

The groomers are out all the time and I was told by a rider today that the trail on the north end of Lake St. Peter to Madawaska was being groomed today when they came down. YEAAAA!!!

No touching stories or bonehead plays this weekend. Although I am still annoyed with the group of cement heads that thought the groomer should be out all day Saturday so that the trails would be in good shape all day. Some people have no concept of life and should not be let out without a handler. They were miffed because at 4:00 pm on Saturday the trails were in rough shape. You would be proud of me. Instead of being my normal sarcastic self I just walked away-right to the bar for a glass of wine!!!!

Not much else to say. Just good temperatures, cold at night warming in the day, good snow, good grooming and did I mention there is gas in LSP now?

Hope to see you on the weekend.

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Anonymous said...

This blog is awesome and very informative....we were at your diner for brunch last weekend and the food and service was great. We left going south to Bancroft on a freshly groomed Sunday afternoon trail......a beautiful ride !!!
Keep up this great blog....thank-you and happy sledding!!!!

The Stewez