Sunday, January 03, 2010

A grand start to the new year

After a very quiet New Years Eve, and I mean in my jamies by 6:30 quiet we were off to a running start on New Years Day.

The snow keeps falling and the trees are still so laden with snow and ice travel is really difficult. Crews have been out brushing and more are going out on Monday but there are so many trails it is hard to get them all. Grooming was not stellar over the weekend but the groomer was out last night and just went by heading north this morning. I am guessing that by the end of the day everything should be done.

For the second morning in a row there has been no cell service due to the weather. It usually comes on about noon. It has been blowing and snowing all night so there is quite a new accumulation. Any delays in posting is for the same reason. Some days I just don't have Internet service. Today is one of them. I will have to save this and publish when the dish clears.

The lakes are not staked yet but riders in yesterday said that they have been running Baptiste and Lake St. Peter for a few days. A few have been on Mink Lake but I don't think that it is a good idea yet.

No one was real impressed with the trail conditions on the weekend. Not for a lack of snow but for non grooming and the trees. Hopefully this will not be the case by next weekend. It has just been so frigging cold and windy that it is hard to get out and do anything (like fix my snow blower).

I am afraid for my safety if one of Lake St. Peter's residents comes in today. He used to call me the snow witch because I was always wishing for snow. Now he calls me the f@&@#*ng snow witch because it won't stop snowing. Oh well I've got broad shoulders-bring it on. Charlie Foster the older gentleman that plows about 65 driveways keeps telling me to stop doing the snow dance but I don't listen to him either.

Well that's all the new there is to report for now. I'll be back in a couple of days to bring you up to speed.

Best wishes for a Happy and Snowy 2010.


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