Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm too depressed to think of a whitty title

Well I guess there is no point in telling what a great sledding day Saturday and most of Sunday was because it all went for a crap today. It rained for about 24 hours. It stopped at about 3 pm this afternoon. The puddles are huge. The driveway is an ice rink and the trails are a mess.

A little fine snow started about 6 pm. The temperature is to drop Tuesday and Wednesday and more light snow come.

The good thing about rain on Monday is that there is always time for it to smarten up by Friday.

I'll do the snow dance and see what that brings. Maybe a broken hip if I slip on the ice. Would I get 6 weeks off with pay??? Probably not.

I'll update again on Wednesday with changes. Here's hoping for good things.


1 comment:

Lost in Lake St Peter said...

At least your basement didnt look like it was going to turn in to a nice indoor swiming pool