Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The clean up continues.

The groomers have been out daily but the trails are so full of downed trees and low hanging branches that it is a huge job. The groomer went to Whitney three times last week. Two trips took 12 hours and the other took 14 hours there was so much brush to clean up.

The group out brushing 177 this morning were out for over 4 hours and think that it will take at least three more days to complete. They were soaking wet and freezing when they came by for coffee on the way home. So if I hear any whining about how poorly we are cleaning up I'll give these guys your number. Keep in mind they are all volunteers and most are well over 60 years old. They are doing the best they can.

The snow just doesn't stop. We get a few centimeters each day which is keeping everything fresh. It is still very cold so no snow is being lost. But it is making a great base.

Now for my touching story of the week. With all the snow lately my satellite dish at the house was covered and I had no reception last night when I got home. Well no problem-I'll just put on my big girl panties, big boots, take the broom, climb the TV tower and brush that sucker off. So I tromped through the six feet of snow in my yard to the side of the house, made it safely to the TV tower looked up to find that the dish is about 500 feet up in the air (well maybe not quite). Still I really think that I can do this. So big rubber boots, kitchen broom and all I tackle the tower only to find out that these things are built so that kids and short people can't climb them. 5' 3" isn't tall enough to get past the second step. Thank goodness it was 7:30 at night and no one was watching. I'm pretty sure if I had gotten any higher I would still be there now frozen solid to the TV tower. I decided to give up at that point. Got into my car and drove to my daughters to pick up my winter coat that I had left there. The lack of a warm coat would also have been a reason I would have been frozen to the tower.

Oh well. I will get that fixed one of these days and life will be good again.

It was nice to see lots of the regular sledders back for another season, and great to see some new folks.

Once everyone has had a breather from all of the holiday activities I hope to see you all back for some great riding.

I'll be back later in the week with clean up info and trail updates.


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