Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Baby it's cold outside.

It's hard to say what conditions the trails are in. Half the people are whining the other half are quite happy. I just goes to show you that you can please some of the people some of the time.

It has been really cold for a day or two. It is almost up to minus 15 so far today. I don't think it went up past minus 20 yesterday. With all the mild weather the snow got packed down nicely now the cold weather is tightening everything up.

We have not had much snow to speak of but there has been no rain. So all is still good. There are alot of sleds around this week so things can't be too bad.

The groomers have been out off and on. Maybe more off than on. A group went out this morning to brush the trails. There are a number of trees down and the branches are so laden with snow and ice some trails are difficult to travel. I have never seen the snow stay on the trees for so long. It's been about five days. It looks beautiful especially with the moon so full last night. It is like daylight all night long.

Kudos to Jim and Brian again for helping out to clear off the ice build up from the Internet satellite dish this time. It was so ice covered I could not access the Internet. There such good boys. Connie should be proud of her two hubbies!!!! Honest Connie they are being good and I bet they will even have the cottage cleaned up by Thursday. hehehe

It is really nice to see the same people back for another year of sledding.

The general store in Lake St. Peter continues to run out of gas on a regular basis. Therefore I have stocked up on Premium gas in cans so if you are caught short stop by and we will help you out.

If you are feeling really sporty I am helping organize a Snow Shoe Baseball Tournament on February 13. Get your summer ball team together or just round up a bunch of friends. It is at the ANAF in Maynooth. Just one day but lots of fun. Hope you can join us.

Well that's it for now. Back when something exciting happens.


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