Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy sledders abound.

It was a great weekend of sledding. The trails are in good shape. There are a few that are still not open because of low hanging branches. I keep getting mixed reports about the trails to Papineau Lake. That lake is still open so folks had to use the road to get to trails and there is one that is still blocked with branches. The guys were out again this morning working away at them.

Riders in on Sunday were quite pleased with the trails. They had all been groomed and there was not much traffic on Sunday. There were a lot from Halibution, Wilberforce, Coe Hill that had had great rides.

We felt really bad for the young guy that broke down on Saturday afternoon. His sled was brand new and the track broke. He was stuck at the diner for five hours waiting for a ride back to Gooderham. Had I known what the problem was I would have put him to work in the kitchen washing dishes to help pass the time!!! He was so patient and quiet. Bless his little heart. I would have been half tanked and madder than hell waiting around all that time. To add insult to injury his ride had only every been over here by sled and didn't know how to get here by truck. But finally he got rescued. We may never see him again. If he makes his way back I hope he reminds me that it was him.

The lakes have not been staked yet. I will check for a later post on the lake conditions. I haven't heard that they are not riding them. I know they are on Baptiste and Lake St. Peter.

So that is about it for now. Gary assures us that he will have gas for this weekend. If not I will always have some here. I was trying to get a tank of some sort so that I could have more on hand but that looks like it won't happen. I can't even get a temporary tank for the short term. That would make life too easy.

Oh well lets see what happens. I sure one of you will come up with a solution.

Have a great week.


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Anonymous said...


Can you post the phone # for the gas station so I can call in the future about gas availability before we head up that way.


Kyle Roenigk