Thursday, January 07, 2010

Thursday Report

Each day has been busier than the one before, which is a good thing because Monday and Tuesday I thought there was a gate up at the township border it was so quiet.

Grooming continues and so does the snow. Today is the only day that it hasn't snowed in a while. What a beautiful few day today was. Sunny and cold most days. Today was milder and lots of sledders were out. They came from all directions and everyone said that the trails were great. There are still a lot of low hanging branches but there is not much that can be done about that.

An old timer from McKenzie Lake said the only way to get the ice and snow off the trees now is for it to rain boiling water. He thinks its here til nearly spring. I nearly threw him out on his ear.

I learned something new yesterday. I learned that you don't clean off the oil tank with a shovel. You use a broom or your hand or something else that is soft. Who know that the little thingy that lets you know how much oil is left was so sensitive? It now has a cute little jam jar on top for a while. (In my books that's about 10 years.) Oh the joys of winter.

Not much else new to report. Other than myself no one has done anything noteworthy. Some one had better make a bone head play this weekend or life will be getting dull.

Hope we see you soon.

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