Friday, January 22, 2010

Sorry about being late

Sorry for not updating in Thursday but the day got away on me and I had to go out last night. It always make me feel like I let you down when I miss Thursdays.

Not any new snow to speak of this week but temperatures have been low so no melt down. The groomers have been out every day. The rail bed was perfect yesterday. The trail to High Country and Madawaska was in great shape all week.

The lakes have tightened up a bit and they are still being ridden but no stakes yet.

We had a fair amount of riders in this week that are on overnight trips. Most riders in this week said that they hadn't met any one or very few sled all day.

Jim and the guys from McKenzie Lake trailered to Apsley yesterday and rode up to the cottage from there. They said the trails were good all the way. They are heading to Pembroke today so I'll check with them tomorrow when they are back. There were not any real complaints about trail conditions this week.

We are not expecting any more snow until sometime late next week. Well you know how that goes. They can't predict the weather correctly for 24 hours so I don't know why we should pay attention to seven days in the future.

If Saturday is anything like yesterday and today (and it looks like it will) it will be a great weekend. Here's hoping.

My sad and touching story for this blog is the three guys that were in yesterday for a late lunch. I didn't ask where they had ridden from but non the less they all got a speeding ticket just outside of Lake St. Peter. $110.00 each for driving over 50 kpm. They were in pretty good spirits about the whole incident. I gave them my amortization speech. If you divide the money over each time you were going to fast on your sled it would probably work out to about $1.50 per trip. It was a great day and no one was on the trails (except the OPP) they were on a long flat stretch it's hard to be good all the time. Better luck next time.

Well I'd better get off my duff and get busy.

Hope to see you this weekend

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Anonymous said...

Sucks for the guys that got the tickets ... oh wait, I was one of them! Kind of surprised ... we've been running the rail line for years without trouble, and didn't think we were going too fast ... guess the OPP are just trying to do their job? (quota??). Thanks for the great lunch though! :) Hopefully the trails survived this short melt-down.