Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Yes Virginia there is a sledding season.

YEEE HAWWW: The groomers have started grooming.

I would have updated yesterday but my satellite Internet (which by the way sucks) was not working because of the snow fall. But that was not a bad thing because on my way to town today I saw that they had groomed the trails this morning.

So we had a bunch of sledders in on Saturday and Sunday. Some of the Sunday people were already whining about the trails not being groomed. Come on people the snow just started on Wednesday. Get a grip. For heavens sake get a life!!!

Don't call and ask me how much snow has fallen so far because my answer will be enough.

The lot has been plowed Thursday, Friday, Sunday and Monday. So if that isn't enough I don't know what is. Now I'm not saying it's as high as an elephant's eye but we do have lots of snow.

What a great day today was. Sunny, warm and snowy off and on. But it will get really cold later in the week or so I'm told by the local weather forecasters, better known as the local coffee boys.

If nothing changes later in the week I may not update. We will just see what happens.

Back soon.


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