Thursday, December 17, 2009

And so it begins.

What a great week weather wise. Beautiful sunny days and great snow conditions.

All riders in on Wednesday said that the trails were great. They have been groomed from Trudy's on Hwy 62 right up to Whitney. I'm not sure about the secondary trails. The groomer was out again last night because he turned around in the parking lot.

It is really cold now. Down to the minus 20's last night and not going above freezing for a long time. This will freeze the trails nicely. Rumor has it the lake is freezing over nicely so may be good for riding in the new year.

Not much more to say. No big events this week other thank "bicycle boy" Lake St. Peters only homeless person punching an unsuspecting customer in the head in an unprovoked attack at the general store and getting arrested. We'll see if he is back after his 72 hr evaluation.

Here's hoping that


dtaylor08 said...
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dtaylor08 said...

bicycle boy recieved 30 days according to the victim,for a mental assesment,at least he will be warm and have a turkey diner,but not at the diner.

Anonymous said...

it there a gag order in place up there or is the snow gone,lol,