Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Twas the night before Christmas

Well here it is Christmas Eve already (almost). I left the wilds of Lake St. Peter on Tuesday for the bright lights of Bowmanville then Oshawa.

It was a very busy sledding weekend this past weekend. All trails were in good shape and riders were quite pleased with the conditions. The groomers have been out regularly keeping things good. Lake St. Peter has frozen over because of the cold temperatures this week. If it stays this cold it well be travelable by the weekend. I have not talked to anyone that has been on it other than just a quick walk out. Mink has also frozen but is not ready for travel yet.

A little more snow would be great. But we will take what we have. More snow should be coming on the 25th & 26th. We will see.

Things are pretty quiet otherwise. Mostly the coffee crowd visiting which is nice also.

I will be back home on the 24th but I may not get updated then. I will do it by the 26th for sure. My wireless Internet will not reach over to the house from the restaurant.

Have a great holiday and I hope you get a chance to head north over the weekend or New Years break.

Think snow


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adam said...

merry Christmas to the people at the Porterville Dinner. if all goes well i will be up there from the 28 till the 3 if more trails open.but till then enjoy your few days off