Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

Please excuse me for not updating on Friday or over the weekend but I was having technical difficulties with the internet service. Now I could blame it on the satellite service or something else but that would just be wrong.

What is the first rule of electronic problem? Check to see if it's plugged in for crying out loud!!!!! When the very helpful man from Hughesnet asked me to look at the back of the modem to see how many lights were on I was quite surprised to see that there were none. JAMIE WHY DIDN'T YOU THINK OF THAT WHEN YOU TRYING TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM. Well it wasn't the wall plug. It was the plug coming from the box on the plug not plugged into the other plug for the wall. This must be something invented by a man because no woman would ever invent such a silly way to plug one thing into the wall!!!

So all is well now and update I will.

The snow conditions were as good as the weather was on the weekend. There were lots of riders out and other than a few breakdowns I didn't hear of any mishaps. Thanks to all the folks that dropped in for a meal or a drink over the weekend. Everyone is so patient when we are busy. The girls and I really appreciate it.

The Snow Skimmers poker run was a great success. Lots of good prizes and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

We had more snow on Sunday and overnight. It is to be nice for two or three days and then start snowing again on Thursday. That will make it good for next weekend.

The groomers were out on Sunday night.

I will update again on Wednesday. And just so the boys from Pensylvania don't feel that I have forgotten you I will update again later in the week so you know what to expect when you get here next weekend.

Till then

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