Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Wednesday Report

I was waiting until this morning to update so that I could tell you that a load of snow landed in last night, but alas it did not.

Now my sinus problem is really bad this morning and that can only be on of two things, either it is going to snow or I had too much wine last night. Oh ya I did have wine last night!

They are calling for snow this morning and again tonight so I will report back tomorrow about mid day if it does.

The trails are still well covered. There were a number of riders in on Tuesday and no one was complying about the conditions.

The groomer did go out on Monday but I don't know where. I'm sure if we get snow tonight they will groom on Thursday and Friday.

Don't forget the Maple Leaf Snow Skimmers poker run this weekend. Registration starts at 8:00 at the community centre in Lake St. Peter, the fire hall at North Baptiste Lake Rd, and Papineau Lake Road. It is a good day with lots of prizes. I think the best one is the gift certificate from the Porterville Diner but then I have been wrong before once or twice.

To Jim and Brian: Have a good time sledding through the wilds of Northern Ontario. See you in a couple of weeks. I'm sure Connie will have a very relaxing time with the both of you gone for a week.

Not too rush the season (because I need about 8 more weeks of snowmobilers) but the spring ATV mud run will be May 2. Same format as the others.

That's it for now.


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