Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday File

Well things have gone for a slide in old Hooterville. It started to rain during the night. It has pretty much stopped now but its' pretty dreary.

Even the dog wouldn't go out at 6:30 this morning, so I threw in another load of laundry and we both went back to bed for a while. It didn't look any better at 8:00 either.

It is quite mild now, about plus 4. According to reliable sources the temp will drop this afternoon and it is to start snowing. It's quite windy and that won't change. By tonight it will be -25 so things will freeze up again and the new snow will help.

There was a little snow on Thursday so that was a good thing. Riders in on Thursday said that the trails were in great shape so if it gets cold this afternoon they should stay okay.

If you need information later on this afternoon or tomorrow morning just call the resturant and we will let you know if things have changed. 613-338-3043

I may update this evening if I get a chance and things change.

Back soon

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