Thursday, February 12, 2009

Weather Update

Yesterday and this morning's rain made a mess of things.

It has stopped raining now and started snowing about noon. It looks like it may snow for a while.

It is getting cold again. The lakes had slush and puddles this morning but if this cold stays they should be frozen by morning.

The trails were still well snow covered but the side roads were all bare by this morning. Again if the snow continues they should be better by morning.

Things are definitely looking better now than they were this morning.

As luck would have it I am having a GST and Payroll Audit tomorrow morning. Yea!! I'll try to post first thing in the morning before the little beauty arrives with her calculator. I wonder if it being Friday the 13th is a good omen or bad. Hmmmm

I haven't heard any news of grooming. I will try to find out by the morning what is happening.

Well let's all think snowy thoughts overnight and hope for the best.

Back tomorrow.

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