Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gearing up for the weekend.

We finally did get the snow that we were promised. More will be coming today and tomorrow.

It kind of reminded me of a politician. They spew volumes of double talk and by the end of the day they really haven't said much.

That was how yesterday's snow was. It snowed off and on all day and by this morning there was only about 6-10 cms of snow. Enough fell to cover the trails well. Riders in for breakfast this morning said that the trails were like a table top but the lakes are still a a bit icy and care should be taken.

The groomers were out. In fact I even passed one coming down from McKenzie Lake this morning on my way to work at 8:00.

Here's a shout out to Scott and Wayne from Burlington. Jamie and the guys were in this morning and they were laughing at you two for not coming up on Wednesday for the best day of riding that they have had this year. They mentioned something about you being weenies!

This will be a great weekend to load up and ride all weekend.

Stop by if you are in the neighborhood.



Scotto said...

Here's a shout out to Jamie and Chris-o...
We were up on the weekend with the kids and had a great weenies here, except for Wayne of course.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping the updates coming.
We'll be there tomorrow riding.... see you for sure.