Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Update

Not too much has changed overnight. The temperature has dropped considerably -20 when I got in at 8:00 this morning. There was not any new snow overnight.

For the last few days the trails have been marked as closed. This was to keep people off while they were so slushy. They should be marked as open by today because of the drop in temperature. Everything really froze up overnight. Even the lakes look better.

No groomers were out last night so they should be out tonight.

It's hard to say what to advise. The weekend is to be sunny and seasonably cold. Nothing to shocking temperature wise. Cold enough to keep conditions the same. Not much new snow is a little disappointing as it is to be a beautiful sunny weekend.

So it really is a crap shoot deciding to come up or not. The trails are definitely usable but the side roads are all down to the dirt. So I guess it depends where you are staying or how far you have to travel to get here.

If we were still just cottaging here we would be up for the weekend because there is always drinking, playing cards and eating too much if you don't feel like sledding.

So there you go a definite maybe.

Hope we see you this weekend.

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