Friday, January 18, 2008

Oh-It's like living in a snow globe.

Just sitting here at the lap top behind the bar looking out the window at the snow swirling down and it looks like a snow globe outside. But then I have a pretty vivid imaganation.

What a great day. It's bright, cold and the snow has been coming down since 11:00 last night. We got about six inches overnight and added to what fell earlier in the week it has made conditions decent.

I don't know if the trails are offically reopened or not but they are offically groomed. Both groomers have been out for two days straight and the guys have been out brushing the trails for the three days. The two riders in this morning came from Bolter. They said that the riding was great. Broke trail most of the ride until they met the groomer heading toward Combermere.

Riding this weekend should be great so load up those sleds and head north.

See you soon.

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